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  1. Thank you fore the tips wish me good luck on finishing my scriptures.

  2. Great suggestions! I have a few more that have worked well for me:
    1. I write with black ink and place a colored dot beside the note that corresponds with the highlighted verses. No need to switch out colored ink.
    2. I use the ESV journaling Bible. The margins are wide and the pages are slightly thicker which is a characteristic of journaling Bibles.
    3. Even with the wider margins, for extensive notes, I use a supplemental journal and will refer to it in the margin. For example, 1.16 refers to journal one page 16. I’m thinking of replacing that system with a looseleaf notebook divided by the different books of the Bible.
    4. I use colored pencils that can be sharpened manually. Much more control than crayons and highlighters.
    5. I place the verse number beside the note because the note may not fit opposite the verse. I never worry about getting my notes out of order for that reason.
    6. My Bible doesn’t have cross references but I prefer Blue Letter Bible’s much more extensive cross references.

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